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A sports watch is the perfect complement to your training schedule. Whether you are a competitive runner or just starting out, a sport watch can help chart your progress and motivate you to keep improving. You can monitor your heart rate with a sport watch for tracking progress on every training session or just keep track of your times as you watch your speed and strength increase over time. Track your improvements easily and keep everything you need on your wrist without having to carry around various accessories in your sports bag. There certainly is something for everyone with our choice of sport watches at the 21run online shop.

Make training more effective with a sport watch

There is no need to struggle with an ordinary watch when you can comfortably view a large screen display whilst training. Toggle between timing your run, lap counting and monitoring your heart rate. Browse sports watches at our online shop at 21run to find the most useful accessory to help improve and hone your training regime or general fitness. Monitor your progress and see the results of all your hard work. You can record distances, times, laps, calories burned, speeds and heart rate using the latest sport watch technology from top brands. All of these features can be available to you within our range of quality sport watches to choose from at 21run.

See the latest sport watches in our online shop

Browse our top brand sport watches at the 21run online shop. Explore all the options and features in the comfort of your home. Make an informed purchase based on your specific needs. Choose from heart rate monitors, lap counters, backlight features and water resistant properties. You might also want additional functions such as the ability to play music while you train or synchronise your watch to your smart phone to record the training data. A sport watch is a great gift for those who love to run or are training for an important competition and need to track their progress. Browse the sport watches available in our online shop at 21run to find the perfect solution to your training needs.
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