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Cheap outdoor footwear

Whether you are hiking up mountains, across dales, clambering over tors or just taking a gentle forest hike, the correct outdoor footwear for women is essential to remain comfortable and injury free. When you buy outdoor footwear, it is necessary to match them with your outdoor activity. The distance you will cover, the type of outdoor terrain and the amount of luggage you will carry and even the weather, will all effect your decision when you buy outdoor footwear. We stock a large range of cheap outdoor footwear to suit all activities. Search through our site to find the perfect pair for you.

Types of outdoor footwear for women

Low cut shoes with a flexible sole, made from light weight fabric are ideal for gentle day hiking. As they are a low cut outdoor shoe, they might not give you as much ankle support as other, weightier boots, but their durability is not in question. They are like a hardcore pair of trainers, with heavier, thicker soles. Mid weight hiking boots which are still flexible, are designed to give you more support. They are generally used for weekend or multi day hiking. They use tougher fabrics and have a more rugged sole. These boots need to be broken in, to mould themselves to the shape of your foot. Heavy outdoor footwear for women are designed for much rockier, rougher terrain and longer periods of hiking. They have strong ankle support and lots of padding to protect your feet and keep them comfortable over the trails. They are rugged and well built with waterproof material to keep you dry and comfortable what ever the terrain.

For cheap outdoor footwear, look no further

Well fitting, supportive and solid footwear is essential for any women who wants to enjoy being out in nature. With the right pair of boots, the world of trails and hiking is your oyster. Your feet are the most important part of exploring the great outdoors, neglect them and it will be a miserable experience. Choosing the correct pair will guarantee endless miles of comfort and enjoyment. When you buy outdoor footwear from, you will have a pair of boots or shoes that will support you, keep you comfortable and give you a good grip, so you can make the most of the great outdoors.
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