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Work-out Dilemma

Sometimes the biggest dilemma of your work-out is whether to go to the local gym or go jogging outside. One attraction of a gym workout is the equipment with heart rate monitors that can tell you how many calories you've burnt with a mere push of a button. However, some of us prefer to go jogging surrounded by a little nature. With the right heart rate monitor you can have the best of both worlds.

Heart Rate Monitor Solution

Stores like 21run sell advanced pulse watches that can provide you with the benefits of fancy gym equipment during your home workouts. With a pulse watch you will be able to go walking and jogging along your favourite trail and use the built-in heart rate monitor to track your progress. You can monitor your pulse whether you are doing yoga at home, playing tennis with a friend, or walking briskly along a nature reserve trail. A pulse watch can provide you with all the benefits of state-of-the-art equipment to monitor your progress while freeing you to exercise anywhere you want.

Pulse Watches can Maximise a Work-out

Pulse watches, like those sold at online fitness store 21run, have features that are designed to help you maximise your workout. During runs, the heart rate monitor makes sure your heart-rate is within a healthy range. You will know when you need to slow down and you can easily monitor your heart-rate until it returns to an acceptable level. The heart rate monitor helps you get the most out of your run by keeping your heart-rate within the desired range during your entire work-out.

Pulse watches can also give an estimate of how many calories you've burnt based on the length of work-out and your heart-rate during that time. You can even use this feature during the day to watch how many calories you burn while walking around and doing your everyday chores.

A Pulse Watch for Everyone

With all of this information about your heart-rate and calorie consumption at your fingertips you can easily track your progress. You can watch on your pulse watch as your heart-rate stays within the accepted range for longer periods of your run and you will know exactly how hard your body is working at any given moment. If you think a pulse watch could help you maximise your work-outs check out the great selection found at 21run.
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