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Headgear for Runners

Whether you enjoy walking, jogging or running, what you wear is always important. You've visited the 21run online shop and you have a comfortable outfit and supportive running shoes, but don't forget your head! Headgear is another important piece of equipment that every runner should have. Headgear is especially useful when exercising outdoors, for protection against the elements. As the majority of heat loss occurs through the head, it is vital to keep warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. An appropriate hat can ensure you run safely, as well as in style.

A Hat for Every Occasion

Hats from the 21run online shop come in a variety of colours and styles, including caps, beanies, bandanas and visors. Made from materials such as mesh, microfibre and fleece, all hats are constructed for a specific purpose or weather condition. Designed to be breathable and quick drying, sports hats are unique and a must for optimal performance. A winter bandana can be worn on the head or over the nose and mouth or neck, depending on your needs. Other multi-functional accessories can be used to keep long hair back or double as wristbands or balaclavas and are therefore suitable for a wide range of sports and seasons. A headband is another alternative piece of headgear. Easy to pull on for a snug fit, a headband will keep sweat out of your eyes when running or doing other sports, such as tennis. Suitable for warmer weather or indoors, a headband will keep your head cool. A running cap is lightweight and keeps the sun out of your eyes. Great for walking or jogging, a running cap can also be worn as one of your casual hats, very versatile. A running cap can also shield you from wind and light rain.

A Wide Range of Sports Headgear

Whether you enjoy walking, jogging or running, if you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, 21run has a hat for you. Keep in mind the conditions you exercise in, when selecting a hat, for example if you run at night, a reflective logo would be useful. Visit the 21run online shop to find the perfect hat to suit your individual needs. Most of the headwear available at 21run is unisex, in neutral colours and can be worn for a variety of sports and activities, from golf to skiing.
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