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Functional women's underwear from 21 Run offers women of all shapes and sizes a practical and stylish range of undergarments which are suited to running and jogging. Top quality functional underwear keeps the body cool, transports moisture to the outside and will not chafe while running, jogging or exercising. Featuring flat-lock seams for extra comfort and fit under any active wear, functional women's underwear from 21 Run is ideal for women who love to exercise and still want to feel comfortable and supported in their undergarments.

The Importance of Functional Underwear

When it comes to running, your choice of underwear can be just as important as your active wear, and 21 Run's range of versatile and flexible garments are the ideal choice for recreational or professional runners. The range of functional underwear for women offered by 21 Run is available in a stylish colour palette that includes basic and versatile black and white, which can be worn under almost any exercise gear, keeping you comfortable no matter the air temperature or perspiration level. The ideal underwear for runners is breathable, comfortable, flexes with the body, doesn't pinch or rub and won't collect moisture as you exercise and perspire.

Functional Underwear for Women from 21 Run

The range of functional underwear from 21 Run includes premium brands that deliver top quality and style for women who love to run. Long and short sleeved tops, "shortys" and bras, pants, "pantys" and slips are all available from top quality, reputable brands that are masters of the art of creating functional, chic underwear for runners that looks great under sports clothing. Functional underwear for women from 21 Run offers a stylish option for maintaining superior running comfort and keeps the body at optimal temperatures for jogging or professional running. When it comes to designing underwear for runners, the top design teams know how to create clothing that moulds to the shape of a woman's body and creates a clean, streamlined shape. Functional sports underwear is practical, too, allowing the body to breath, but keeping it warm to help prevent cramps.

Buying Sports Underwear Online

Sports underwear from 21 Run offers a great choice of styles, colours and features a superior fit that works. Choosing your favourite brands, styles and colours is easy from 21 Run's fully integrated website, making it easy to look great during your favourite exercise.
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