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Compression Clothing from 21run

For the best performance in any sport, the most efficient blood flow taking oxygen to the muscle cells is key. Targeted graduated compression has been found to assist in this process. Compression clothing is a hi-tech innovation which focuses compression on specific muscle groups and has many other additional benefits to the wearer. Compression clothing is body moulded and tested on real athletes, to provide better muscle alignment and reduce vibration and lactic acid build up.

Benefits for Active People

This sportswear for women is produced using a combination of breathable mesh and UV protection fabric. Compression socks are ideal for walking, running or jogging, as well as bike riding. Compression socks from 21run are available in a variety of options, from ankle to knee length. Compression socks are helpful for many people, not just serious athletes. Hiking and walking, especially uphill can fatigue the muscles and jogging long distances, such as marathons, takes its toll on the body. When walking or jogging in cold weather, it is vitally important to properly warm up, compression clothing assists through enhanced blood circulation. Compression clothes help to reduce aches the day after exercising, avoiding pain and the inability to workout again. The fabric also wicks moisture away from the skin, to help you stay cool.

The 21run Compression Clothing Range

With this range you get the sportswear you need and look good plus all of the physical benefits. Compression tops are suited to all different sports. Singlets or racer back tops are good for indoors or when you need to keep cool outside. The classic t-shirt cut features breathable underarm detail, while long sleeved tops provide full coverage for the upper body. Compression clothes offer the opportunity to mix and match, to better facilitate individual activities. Leggings and tights come in different lengths, capri, three quarter or full length. Compression clothes are also very flattering, as they support the body and have a snug fit. Compression of the muscles can be targeted by wearing arm or calf sleeves, as well as full length leg warmers. For those who compete in triathlons, there are specific skinsuits, padded shorts and swimming tops.

The 21run online shop supplies a wide range of compression clothes. When looking for sportswear, consider compression garments to get the most out of your workout. Available in many colours, these items are attractive, as well as useful.
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