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You're an athlete, and you're serious about running, or about track and field; what you put on your feet matters. The performance of your running shoes is fundamentally important. Because you're an athlete, you know exactly how useful spike shoes can be for traction and performance, whether you're running long distances cross-country or wearing them to sprint on the track and field. But because there are spike shoes and spike shoes, you need to know the job you want them for to get the maximum benefit.

Sprint spikes are for short distances up to 400 m. They're flexible and they need to fit the foot closely. They don't have much heel support, because you sprinters spend most of your time on your toes, and they allow for maximum transfer of energy at every swift stride.

Spike shoes for longer distances are comfy by comparison. They're cushioned for comfort and to lessen the impact on your joints, and they give particular support to your mid-foot and heel.

Cross-country spikes are tough and rugged, as well as cushioned for support and stabilization, and their purpose is to provide traction and comfort in any terrain.

Field spikes come in a range of specialized designs that are intended to give throwers and jumpers the right kind of power and traction on the track and field.

21run's online shop ( has an incredible range of running shoes for every kind of runner, whether you're a sprint runner, in training for a marathon, or you just want to be able to go cross-country jogging comfortably on the weekend. As long as you know your shoe size, you can take advantage of 21run's low priced running shoes, and enjoy the luxury of browsing at your own pace for exactly the right pair to help you be the best you can be.

As an online shop, 21run has lower overheads than a bricks-and-mortar shop does. And we pass on those savings to our customers. Take advantage of the convenience of buying spike shoes from our online shop; it will save you both time and money.
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