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Running is a popular way to keep fit amongst both men and women. Sports clothing has evolved over recent years and there is real science behind sports clothes to help improve performance and comfort. Running clothing has developed a lot and it can now be weatherproof, warm and versatile. There is a vast range of running vests online that you can buy and those that are available through the online shop at 21run use fabrics that have been developed scientifically to maximise performance.


For any recreational runner, jogging vests can be an essential item of clothing in all seasons. Many of the jogging vests available are made of polyester fabrics that are weatherproof. Some can be rain or drizzle proof when you are running in wet weather and many are windproof to provide a warm barrier in windy weather. Despite being weatherproof, many of the running vests are made from breathable fabrics. The expertly developed materials mean that you can run in any type of weather conditions and be comfortable.

Versatility and Safety

As well as the running vest fabric, another feature of many jogging vests is the versatility that they can offer. From multiple pockets to adjustable hem widths, many running vests can be practical and fit your needs. Most running vests are very lightweight and some include reflective strips in their design; a great safety feature when you are out running in the dark.

Online shop at 21run

If you are a keen recreational runner or even a novice trying jogging for the first time, a running vest can be a key part of your running wardrobe. If you are looking at buying a running vest there is a great online shop at 21run. It has a variety of running vests online. Many of the running vests online are available in a variety of colours and sizes, and for both men and women.
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