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Safety: The Facts

The sad fact is that many people are injured because of running, cycling and exercising at night. 21run the online shop that caters for people who love to take part in sports, is dedicated to providing everything that they need to enjoy their sport safely too. Especially in the winter season using the most appropriate reflection and lighting equipment is going to save lives and prevent injuries. For everyone involved in sports the proper equipment is the key to success and 21run is committed to every aspect of that, and is proud to include safety in that.

Reflection and Lighting.

One of the easiest ways to ensure safety on the roads is by using clothing with a good reflection and at 21run there are a variety of high visibility solutions to the problem of exercising and training at night. From a tradition reflective vest to a state of the art shoe clip, they are all highly visible and all designed to add to the safety of the athlete. In addition to the reflective equipment the online shop contains a great range of lighting equipment to again aid visibility and increase safety. Again there are a variety of solutions for whatever the customer wants; from simple LED lighting equipment to a range of strobe safety lighting systems, all of them dedicated to ensuring high visibility to the athlete. Not surprisingly there is also a range of reflective clothing that incorporates strobe and LED lights to maximise the impact of both safety systems.

Keeping The Athlete Safe
21run is committed to the everyone at whatever level who participates in sports. The extensive online shop is full of the equipment and clothing for the millions who participate in all types of exercise and sport. That means also a commitment to providing safety equipment to ensure the well-being of the customer and to keep them on the road. The sporting world at every level has to make safety their number 1 concern and 21run's online shop is the place that connects their commitment to safety with a dedication to serving the customers needs.
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