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Compression has been used for over half a century by medical professionals to aid in post operative recovery. Since the 1980s the use of compression clothing has spread to a variety of sports, from elite performance through to recreational walking and jogging. The compression clothes available through 21run can aid in improving performance during exercise and reduce recovery times for athletes at all levels.


Since the 1950s, compression socks have been used in medical environments to aid in the recovery of patients after surgery. Compression socks are still used in hospitals to reduce the chances of blood clotting after surgery, as the use of compression became commonly understood researchers quickly turned their attention to the benefits for athletes. Initially used for those taking part in explosive activity, the benefits of compression clothes, sold by 21run have now been scientifically proven to aid in all forms of athletic activity.


Compression clothing has grown quickly to become common in all forms of sporting activity, with those taking part in football, rugby, jogging and walking all experiencing the benefits of compression. The first studies into the benefits of compression clothing focused on compression socks, with researchers quickly establishing the clothing made muscle movements less random and more efficient. Explosive activity, such as jumping and sprinting were quickly identified as being the main areas to benefit from the increase in power produced by compression clothing. As the use of compression clothes has spread, benefits have also been identified in endurance activities, such as walking and jogging.


One of the main benefits identified in the use of compression is a faster and more reliable recovery time. A series of studies, including one with New Zealand rugby players have shown the use of compression clothes is as reliable as cool down activities in aiding recovery in athletes of all levels. During athletic activity the amount of oxygen used by the athlete wearing compression clothes has been shown to be less than those wearing traditional running shorts.

With so many benefits identified in compression the decision to wear these items of clothing is a simple one. Whether a simple pair of compression socks or other items from 21run, a serious athlete cannot afford to ignore the increase in performance and recovery offered by wearing a few items of clothing.
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